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Compassionate care at home in Truro

Heart of the South Care Agency has been caring for local individuals for over 18 years. Whatever you need help with, we can tailor our services to you. Contact us today to get started.

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Heart of the South Care Agency can care for you or your family/clients in their own home. We cater for an extremely wide range of disabilities and have in-depth knowledge to enable you to stay safe and happy in your home whilst maximising your independence. Based in Truro, we cover the South East and Cornwall.

We understand that having a carer coming to visit can be daunting, but we’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re happy with the service we’ll be providing. As well as the usual questions we ask about care requirements, we’ll also ask you about your hobbies and interests so that, wherever possible, we can match you to a carer who enjoys the same things. This extra step means we can offer a more personal service to our clients and ensure they enjoy plenty of opportunities for fun activities and interesting conversations about topics they enjoy.

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We provide home care for:

Personal care assistant looking at photograph with senior woman
Pink heart - The ageing population

The ageing population

Getting older is inevitable but Heart of the South Care Agency can enable you to stay in your own home for longer. From assistance with personal hygiene tasks, to cooking, shopping and attending social events, we can provide whatever help you need.

Young female speech therapist helping a young patient with her technique
Pink heart - Sensory impairments

Sensory impairments

When our senses don’t work as they should, daily tasks and social situations can be challenging. Our teams specialise in providing care for deaf, blind and deafblind clients. We can also provide specialist care for those with touch or spatial awareness impairments.

man with Down Syndrome using digital tablet in hospital
Pink heart - Learning disabilities

Learning disabilities

Learning disabilities affect every individual differently and Heart of the South Care Agency will create tailored care plans for every individual we look after. No matter how your learning disability affects daily life, we’ll help support you in every way and ensure you live life to its fullest.

Man exercising on treadmill with assistance of rehabilitation harness supporting body weight
Pink heart - Physical disabilities

Physical disabilities

Thanks to our investments in staff training, we can provide a high level of specialist care, including ventilator care, for those with physical disabilities. We’ll always take the time to understand how your disability affects you and find the best ways that we can help.

Young man listening to his girlfriend about her problems
Pink heart - Mental health

Mental health

Mental health issues can be challenging for families to manage, especially if the person it affects lives alone. Our carers can provide tailored mental health support and have vast experience in a range of conditions. We always treat our clients as unique individuals and never make assumptions based on their mental health issues alone.

Portrait of happy handicapped girl with father and brother in yard
Pink heart - Children and families

Children and families

Medical conditions requiring complex care can have an effect on the whole family. If your child needs extra support at home or schools, we can be here for you. We’ll take time to understand your child as an individual and find the best way to help them enjoy a full life. We’ll always try to send the same carer/s wherever possible, meaning your child gets to know a familiar face.

The ageing population
Physial disabilities
Ill mental health
Sensory loss
Children & families
Learning disabilities


Everyone has the right to live their life free from violence, fear, and abuse, but not everyone can protect themselves. If you’re an adult experiencing abuse or neglect, or if you’re concerned about an adult experiencing abuse or neglect, contact 0300 123 4131 (out of hours number 01208 251300).


For information on safeguarding children, see the Safeguarding Adults Cornwall child protection page. You can find out more about types of abuse and how to get help in stopping abuse in our easy read guides below.


Heart of the South Care Agency carers with client

 Photograph by Heart of the South Care Agency 

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You can also send Heart of the South Care Agency a message via the form provided to get started.

Looking for care at home in Truro? Give us a call now on

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or 07857 300423.

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